We were on TV!


Of course we said YES when we were approached by ITV’s “Loose Women” asking us to be on their show! For those of you who are not familiar with the programme – it is a lunchtime talk show with four women panelists all nattering about the latest hot topics, scandals and trends.

As “barre” has become the new craze in the world of exercise and is here to stay, they wanted us from BARREtoned to perform a small routine and explain why it works so well. We couldn’t believe it at first. Who could have been a better fit than Kas, one of our senior instructors,  who has some experience in front of the camera.

Arriving at the studio was exciting but also a little nerve racking for Kas. First, we were taken through the “Loose Women” stage which was already set up. Then we did a run-through of Kas’ 2 minute routine, followed by a very quick rehearsal with the “Loose Women” themselves, which caused much hilarity.

On the show first was Jane Devonshire, winner of this year’s MasterChef. She talked about the trials and tribulations of appearing on the cooking show. Up next was Dr Christian Jessen chatting about this brand new book which aims to help young people and their wellbeing. He also gave everyone the latest update on how Coleen’s (one of the panelists) lifestyle change is going.

Then it was Kas – all ready to go with her BARREtoned routine. You could tell Colleen (photo below) was itching to get started…. or not!?

VSCO Cam-1

Out popped the “Loose Women” dressed top to toe in ballerina outfits, tu-tus and all! Now it was Kas’ chance to shine. Well done Kas and thank you ITV!

If you missed us live on TV, have a look here: BARREtoned on ITV

If you don’t live in London and would like to try one of Kas’ online classes then click here – Stream BARREtoned’s Online Classes

 Claim a FREE trial class at our Notting Hill studio by quoting ITV. 



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