Why BARREtoned?

I found BARREtoned simply because I live right around the corner from the studio.  I started going to classes when I was 13 weeks pregnant and continued going through the remainder of my pregnancy up till about 37 weeks.  I picked up right where I left off at 9 weeks postpartum and have been going regularly, 3-4 times a week ever since.  I will admit that I’ve never been so committed to a fitness class or routine as I’ve been to BARREtoned.  Because the fact is, that no matter how many classes I’ve taken, it never gets easier.  Every class is just as challenging as the last. With very hands on and motivating instructors, you’re constantly reminded to correct your form which maximizes the challenge and you’re encouraged to push yourself to your max.  It’s a full body workout, targeting every little muscle group.
I’ve noticed a great difference in how my body has toned up by going to classes regularly.  The added bonus and the reason why I am able to go so regularly is because BARREtoned also offers childcare, as mentioned earlier I started back at 9 weeks postpartum and my daughter started going to the childcare then.  Which has now become a playgroup for her and she’s made many friends.  So it’s a great benefit for both of us.  I really can’t say enough good things about BARREtoned other than I would recommend it to anyone interested.
Written by our lovely client: Bari!

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