BARREtoned and the Life of a Working Girl

I stumbled upon BARREtoned almost by chance in April 2013. I had just moved to London from New York and was pleasantly surprised when I saw this beautiful studio pop up in my new neighbourhood.

As a South African, sport and fitness has always been part of my weekly routine. I grew up attending classical ballet classes but when I moved to the US, I found running a cost effective, efficient way to keep fit, get fresh air and clear my mind.

By the time I moved to London I wasn’t happy with what running was doing to my body. While it helped maintain my fitness levels, I’d developed countless ITB, knee, hip and back injuries. I had no upper body strength, no core and felt that I’d reached a plateau. I needed something that helped me build a strong and toned body.

Since attending BARREtoned’s first week of classes in April 2013 I’ve been absolutely hooked on barre. It’s the perfect mix between ballet, pilates and weight training. My back problems have disappeared as classes focus on developing a strong core. I no longer have knee issues as the exercises help strengthen the muscles around the knee…and for the first time in my life I have a lifted seat! 🍒Hello bikini season!


Despite being a ‘barre lifer,’ classes continue to challenge me. Sorry ladies…it never gets easier…and it shouldn’t! I find some exercises just as difficult 3 years later as I did when I first started. I credit this to the personal attention BARREtoned’s instructors give to all their clients. The focus is always on form over endurance. Thanks to countless corrections from my instructors, I now know which muscles to activate and what constitutes proper form.

But the best thing about barre is that it only requires a commitment of 3-4 visits a week. Since starting barre I’ve cut my weekly workout hours by half (compared to when I was a runner) but seen my results double. Working out smartly – not more – has left me stronger, firmer and less prone to injury. I do still go on the odd run but when I do, I’m faster and fitter than ever before as I’m activating stronger muscles burned in barre.

Monday or Saturday evening…BARREtoned is the best bar in town! 💪

Happy burning!
xo Nathalie


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